Canon XL-H1s 3-CCD 1080i Pro HDV High Definition Camcorder

Canon XL-H1s 3-CCD 1080i Pro HDV High Definition Camcorder



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Canon XL-H1s

Condition: Good

What’s included

  • Canon XL-H1s 3-CCD High Definition Camcorder 

  • XL-Mount 20x HD Zoom Lens 

  • CA-920 Charger/Power Adapter 

  • AC Cable 

  • BP-950G Battery Pack (7.2v, 4790mAh) 

  • 2x BP-930 Battery Pack (7.2v, 3000mAh) 

  • Color LCD Viewfinder 

  • DC-920 DC Coupler 

  • WL-D5000 Remote Control 

  • SS-1000 Shoulder Strap 

  • Stereo Microphone 

  • SP-100 Shoulder Pad

  • Pinnacle Systems Blue Box

  • 2x Firewire Cables

Product Highlights

  • 1080i HDV Codec

  • Interchangeable Lenses

  • 20x Genuine Canon Lens

  • HD-SDI

  • Timecode

  • Genlock

  • Shoulder Mounted

  • 25Mb/s Maximum Data Rate

  • Mini DV Tape

  • 3-CCD Sensor

  • XLR Audio Input

Canon XL-H1s Overview

The Canon XL-H1s is an HDV camera that features interchangeable lenses. Using an improved 20x HD video zoom with superior optics further ensures a professional level of recording which is ideal for ENG, documentary and reality TV production. Filmmakers will appreciate the extensive cine' controls and 24 frame option.

The camera offers uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI output for seamless integration into broadcast studios or high quality image transfer to non-linear editing systems. The Genlock feature allows studios to easily synchronize camera settings across multiple camcorders. Real SMPTE time code input and output allow for streamlined tape and edit management. This camera is fully capable of recording in standard definition DV format as well.

HDTV Resolution

The XL-H1s camcorder has three 1/3 inch 16:9 interlaced CCDs that capture images at 1080i resolution. The camcorder features selectable frame rates of 60i, 30 Frame and 24 Frame to allow the user to adjust to the assignment at hand and can switch back to SD resolution if needed. At the 30 Frame rate, broadcasters can capture fast motion like sports with confidence that each frame is captured individually and completely. 

Filmmakers can utilise the 24 Frame rate when creating the look and feel of movie film. The 60i frame rate, meanwhile, delivers exceptional resolution for shooting environments like ENG or Reality TV. The XL-H1s HD camcorder is the first model to include Canon's proprietary DIGIC DV II image processor. DIGIC DV II is an image processor that can process both HD and SD video signals as well as still photos, while maintaining the correct color space for each mode.

Canon 20x HD Video Lens

The Canon XL-H1s features Canon's XL-interchangeable lens mount. For the XL-H1s camcorder Canon made a 20x high definition video zoom lens. It incorporates multiple Fluorite glass elements for superior color, contrast, resolution and reduction of chromatic aberrations. It is a fast lens with maximum aperture f/1.6 to f/3.5 depending on focal length. At its widest angle the lens is capable of close focusing down to 20mm or about 0.8".

Viewfinder and LCD Monitor

The XL-H1s comes with a multi-functional color viewfinder and a 2.4" diagonal LCD monitor with safe-zone frame-lines built in. There is a black and white mode, selectable zebra exposure mode, horizontal and vertical flip feature and a distance readout (with the 20x HD lens). As menu options the user can select safe-zone frame-lines for the following aspect ratios: 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 1.66:1, 1.75:1, 1.85:1 and 2.35:1

Focus Assist Help Feature

The camcorder has a feature called Focus Help that uses prompts in the viewfinder to aid fast focusing. The PEAKING setting puts an exaggerated line on the viewfinder image that disappears when focus is achieved. The "Magnifying" setting enlarges the viewfinder image which should help the operator to better judge fine focusing.

Optical Stabilization Feature

Canon calls its image stabilizer Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization and it helps defeat camera shake from hand-held shooting and even shake produced from a moving vehicle. Because it is an optical function, it can compensate for a greater degree of camera shake and avoids any loss in image quality, unlike electronic or digital stabilizing methods.

Uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI

The XL-H1s camcorder has all the connectors that professionals have been missing in other low-cost HDTV camcorders. For the ultimate in video transfers this camera has uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI connectors. The serial digital BNC connectors can transfer both HD and standard definition signals.

Time Code

The XL-H1s camera is equipped with true SMPTE time code input and output. Time code from the camcorder can be sent to other recording devices (cameras, VTRs) so that they are all recording with the same clock.

Genlock Synchronization

Multi-camera shoots with the XL-H1s is no problem since the camcorder has Genlock sync. This feature allows many devices including cameras, VTRs and switchers to synchronize.

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