Sustainability is of supreme significance to us.

Pixity is dedicated in being an accountable, ethical and a sustainably green business, executed through our policies and codes of practice.

As a company, sustainability and customer satisfaction lies at the core of our operations. We pledge to contribute towards achieving 100% sustainability through demanding less of our precious earth and demanding more from ourselves. Similarly, our customers are at the heart of our business model, through all aspects of our operations striving to deliver the utmost satisfactory and effortless stress-free shopping experience. 

Our Values

Empathy, At Pixity we push for a “warm” bond with our customer’s requirements. Understand and provide for the customer’s needs superior than any other company out there.

Green, At Pixity we strive and lead the way in changing the attitude within the industry towards a more sustainable and green approach whilst simultaneously maintaining a fair and equal identity.

Focus, At Pixity’s our primary focus is gathered around achieving our vision and goals, eliminating all irrelevant prospects and opportunities. 

“To demand less of our precious earth, we demand more from ourselves”

We strive to being as green and sustainable as we can possibly be. And we will continue pushing ourselves to make breakthroughs towards our environmental responsibilities. Our business model is designed to diminish the demand for the manufacturing of new products through redistributing unwanted gear within the market which could be laying around and putting it to use with other customers. Consequently, lessening the demand for the manufacturing of new products and reducing all affiliated carbon footprint. Additionally, we aim to use 100% recyclable materials with all out postage and packaging using materials which will make it safer for people and for our planet. In every aspect of our business, we aim to better our sustainable processes to leave behind a planet better than the one we found for our next generation. 

“We’ve nearly achieved our target. But we’re miles from finished.”

Ensuring Pixity uses 100% recyclable materials with all it’s packaging and postage is doable and we have nearly achieved it - but it doesn’t just end there. We aim to have our offices running entirely using clean energy reducing our greenhouse contributing to the climate. We strive to go further than most companies in reducing our impact to the climate in all areas of our business and are always seeking new measures to implement this strategy.

“Safer for people means safer for our precious planet”

Pixity aims to use environmentally safe materials making it safer for the people who use it and safer for our precious planet. Eliminating the use of harmful plastics and materials widely used in postage & packaging and rigorous processes to recycle as much material throughout our business.

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