Manfrotto RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote

Manfrotto RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote



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Manfrotto MCR901ECLA RC Clamp

Condition: Good

What’s included

  • Manfrotto RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote 

  • 55" LANC Cable

Key Features

  • For Camcorders with LANC

  • Multi-Speed Zoom/Focus Rocker

  • Wide-Rotation Zoom/Focus Knob

  • Separate Speed Control Knob

  • LED Indicates Zoom/Focus Selection

  • Record, AF, and Power Buttons

  • Reversible Directionality

  • Quick-Releasing Pan Handle Clamp

  • Clamps onto 0.5 to 0.9" Diameter Tubes

  • 55" Coiled Cable with 2.5mm Connector

Manfrotto MVR901ECLA Overview

The RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote From Manfrotto Is For Use With LANC Equipped Video Cameras, And Can Be Clamped Onto A Tripod Pan Handle Or Other Tubes With A 0.5 To 0.9" Diameter Using A Quick-Lock Fastening Clamp. A Single Rocker Is Selectable Between Zoom Or Focus, While A Knob On The Side Allows You To Dial In A Specific Zoom/Focus Speed. Alternatively, You Can Achieve Pressure-Sensitive Variable Speed Control By Placing The Knob At Its Highest Setting.

In addition zoom and focus control, the RC Clamp features a record start/stop button, a camera power button, and an autofocus on/off button. Plus there a button to reverse the directionality of the rocker. LEDs indicate whether the remote is set to zoom or focus mode and tell you if the camera is recording. A 55" coiled LANC cable is included.


Works with most cameras that feature LANC inputs. LANC is most common on Sony and Canon camcorders, but is occasionally found on other makes - this will not work on Panasonic even though the physical connector is the same. For a complete list of tested compatible cameras please refer to the Manfrotto website


  • Clamp on tripod pan bar or other tube up to 0.9" in diameter

  • Potentiometer allows you to adjust the zoom speed of the camera - or you can set the knob to maximum and control speed by pressure

  • Wide-rotation ±50° zoom/focus rocker

  • Anti-scratch and dirt-resistant keypad

  • Polycarbonate construction and an anti-slip finish

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